Helping You Secure Your Next Role

Successful Candidates helps individuals to navigate today's recruitment market and secure their next role. We offer a range of products and services including online training and coaching that helps clients to: 

  • Prepare for Success
  • Create Career Opportunities
  • Secure Your Next Role 
  • Blaze A Trail On Arrival 
  • Impact And Influence For Longterm Success

We also work in partnership with organisations such as OpenClassrooms,  Outplacement First and Executives Virtual Career Centre to develop their career related content and digital delivery. 

Working Across A Range Of Industries

Our Vision

The world of work is changing with new technologies and a disruptive political landscape. Organisations are needing to reshape themselves in response to the volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous times we find ourselves in. This has resulted in 52% of us looking for a new role. At Successful Candidates our vision is to contribute to an agile, responsive, engaged workforce that can rise to the challenges ahead. That requires we make the process of securing a new role simpler and more satisfying. Our mission is to bring clarity to candidates navigating the current recruitment market which has also transformed in recent years. We deliver all our products and services in alignment to these core values:

Taking all our work experiences and using them to contribute to, not detract from, the creation of a rewarding and fulfilling career.  

We stand out from the crowd and get noticed for the right reasons. 

We believe in being true to who we are, bringing our whole selves to the workplace and all spheres of life. 


Free Video Training

Get Market Ready gives you: 

A bird's eye view of today's recruitment market and what to expect at each stage

How to get market ready in 3 steps

The #1 mistake people make on their CV and LinkedIn and how to avoid it.

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Free Strategy Session

Those who are interested in working together more closely can apply for a complimentary successful candidates strategy session with our Founder Ali Miller. 

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Next Virtual Retreat

We are hosting a virtual retreat on Saturday the 4th May 2019 led by our Founder Ali Miller. 

Release past experiences that hold you back

Prime yourself for success by crafting a clear career narrative and goal

Fine-tune your CV & LinkedIn 

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